My take on the 2019 GMTK game jam theme "only one".

In Split Second the player automatically moves forward and when it is close to an enemy or an obstacle, you will have only one second to select the correct action.

You can play with a keyboard, a controller or a mouse/touchscreen.

  • Keyboard: left, up and right arrow keys to select the action.
  • Controller (Xbox): X, Y and B buttons keys to select the action.
  • Mouse/touchscreen: just click/tap the buttons

If you encounter any issue to play the game in your browser, try with Google Chrome, it seems to work the best. Otherwise, downloads are available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

This game was developed using Godot 3.1 and the source code is available on Github.

Hope you like QTEs ;)


Download 15 MB
Version 4 Aug 04, 2019
Download 17 MB
Version 3 Aug 04, 2019
Download 17 MB
Version 3 Aug 04, 2019


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I think adding a color (or XBox button icon) to on screen actions would be helpful even for keyboard gameplay


You're probably right, I'm not a fan of the UI, especially for the keyboard. I was thinking of icons representing the action. Might be easier to spot than text

I recommend anyone struggling with the difficulty to try this strategy:
Say out loud the thing that you need to do, before the options are presented. Voicing it out loud will more quickly trigger you to spot the one you need to press, and reduce your decision-making load. It helps to have teammates.

Music also kept me involved.

Really enjoyed this game. Good job!

Thanks for your feedback and sharing your strategy! Hope it will help others :)

The idea is really nice, but it's reallyyy hard, and that difficulty curve is really a straight line to hell ! The music is pretty nice, but the people saying "wouuuh" every time you lose made me angry. You got something if you want to make a real enraging fun game

Thanks for your comment! I didn't have enough time to make more levels so the difficulty rises quickly. I like picturing people raging at my game ahah

Nice game! Better game design would probably make this a great game to play.
Love the music though!! :P

Thanks a lot! You mean game design in general or level design?

I guess level design

I think it's the first time that I have to design levels by hand so yeah, I need some practice ^^

Nice! Gets me tensed up to actually spot and hit the right button in time.

Thanks! It does this ti me too ^^ I'm making the art at the moment so stay tuned!